Solutions for Heavy-Duty Engine Air Intake Filtration

The engine is the most important part of the vehicle, and the air intake system is the most important part of the engine. Clean, dry air will directly affect the operation of the engine as well as its service life. An engine air intake filtration system prevents cylinder block abrasion from particles and offers system protection to the cylinder block. The more precise the engine, the more efficient the filtration system it requires.

The latest industry findings indicate that on top of high-efficiency protection, engine fuel consumption is closely related to the resistance of the engine air intake filtration system. Given the backdrop of carbon neutrality initiatives, global auto OEs—especially heavy-duty truck OEs—face huge challenges to saving fuel consumption.

H&V’s Heavy-Duty Engine Air Filtration Solutions

To help diesel vehicles worldwide save on fuel consumption, Hollingsworth & Vose provides revolutionary engine air intake filtration materials around the world. H&V’s advanced air intake filtration materials were first applied to the protection of military equipment during World War II, and since then H&V continues leading the development of global engine air intake materials.

H&V provides high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly materials for the air intake filtration systems of global mainstream commercial trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery, as well as other material solutions that provide long service intervals for smaller-sized filters.