Solution for indoor Air Quality Brochure

As Indoor Air Quality has become a more recognized topic amongst the public, HVAC systems and air filtration in homes and buildings are getting increased attention as well. Indoor air plays a major role in the health, safety, and productivity of building occupants. Effective air filtration has the ability to remove viruses and pathogens from the air, while also removing dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that negatively affect human health and comfort.

Better Health and Value 

Aside from cleaning the air that circulates through HVAC systems in homes and buildings, air filters featuring low pressure drop can contribute to energy savings, and filters with high dust loading capacity preserve the health of the HVAC system by keeping contaminants and dust from building up and avoiding expensive maintenance for homeowners or costly downtime for building owners and operators.

In short, choosing the right filtration solution for cleaner air is better for human health and better for the bottom line.

HVAC Starts With H&V

At the heart of every air filter is the filter media, the engineered material that largely determines the performance and reliability of the filter, and not all media is created equal. As a leader in the field of filtration solutions, H&V delivers high efficiency media that allow filter manufacturers to meet and exceed residential and commercial global industry standards for HVAC filtration (e.g. ASHRAE 52.2, EN 779, ISO 16890). Our industry-defining line of technologies and products are designed to create cleaner and more sustainable residential, commercial, and industrial environments where families, employees, students, and visitors can thrive, with materials that provide superior particulate capture with less airflow resistance than other solutions in the market to achieve reduced energy costs.