Trupfor Nylong Performance Guide

Trupor® Nylon, an innovative microporous membrane design, meets stringent expectations, giving it the ability to serve multiple industries, from biopharmaceuticals and food & beverage to process liquids and water treatment. When evaluated against benchmark membranes, Trupor® leads the way, meeting or exceeding established performance and safety criteria. Developed by Hollingsworth & Vose, Trupor® brings over 200 years of porous material leadership to membrane microfiltration.

Trupor® Nylon is a uniquely designed, 100% nylon composite with exclusive physical differences, giving it a competitive edge over traditional membranes – with added service life and lower hydrodynamic resistance. It yields twice the permeability of equally rated membrane cartridges, requiring only half the hydrodynamic pressure. It also allows filter designers to engineer cartridges of similar size with improved capacity and reduced pressure. Trupor® Nylon is the best membrane for liquid filtration markets.